The electric-heated towel rack is widely used to heat and dry the towels draped over it. Some high-end electric towel warmer manufacturers use carbon fiber, presented in heated towel racks as the major heating method. With electric-heated towel racks rising in popularity, they are becoming essential tools for every household. These racks provide an easy way to users to warm their towels comfortably by following the rule that the users are predominant.

As we have figured out the definition of the electric-heated towel, it is time for us to understand the profitable market of the product. The market share of the electric towel warmer is enough to convince the users about its popularity. As the data showed, the market size of these electric-heated towel racks touched $940 million in 2020 and was expected to grow to $1.59 billion by 2027. The steeper graph of its popularity makes it the potential investment avenue for businesses seeking big profits in the upcoming years.

However, for those business people who want to stand in this market, choosing a reliable electricheated towel rail is of great necessity. Here we would like to introduce the best electric towel rail provider, Topstrong, who is constantly committed to providing professional products and services.

Things you must know about the electric-heated towel rack from Topstrong

Topstrong is the top electric-heated towel racks manufacturer, which enables the users to equip their places with the best electric towel rails available in the market to warm their towels. The following qualities are the distinctive merits that make us stand from the crowd.

  • Versatility

Topstrong electric-heated towel rails serve multiple purposes for its users. On the one hand, they dry the towels quite efficiently. With the technique of drying, users can get a dry towel in a minus time. On the other hand, they are also widely used to heat towels for a better user experience. The intimate-integrated design and easy to solve odor give users a sense of satisfaction.

Similarly, it is available for the user to choose them as storage for storing towels. In this way, users won’t need any additional rails in their bathroom. To mention that, these electric-heated towel racks also act as dehumidifiers. They tend to control the rising humidity in bathrooms, keeping the environment safe and comfortable. We guarantee that you will take care of the health of the whole family by using our products.

  • Superior materials

One of the reasons to choose our electric-heated towel racks is the standard of the material we maintain consistently. Instead of using carbon steel, we use carbon fibers, which increases the heat transfer efficiency exponentially while decreasing the healing time. Our electric towel warmers are always up to the mark by using the highly efficient frame material and incorporating the best heating methods in our products.

Moreover, we use the latest welding technique to ensure welding seamlessly. There won’t be a possibility of water leakage or electricity in this condition, enhancing the user’s safety. In our bid to enhance the quality of the manufactured electric-heated towel racks, we use IPX4 waterproof level, making the electric towel warmer safe to use in bathrooms.

  • Main functions

Except for the merits mentioned above, we still have other exceptional functions. Our electrical heated towel racks incorporate the principles of intelligent drying with the application of thermostats in them. In this way, the possibility to overheat the towels rules out easily, making it easier to control temperature without any worry.

Meanwhile, we enlarge our carbon fiber heating panel to 12CM. In this way, the heating area is enlarged to some extent. All of these guarantee a faster drying speed and even heat. Moreover, the electric-heated towel rails are leakage protected, not to mention that they are manufactured by the anti-corrosion material, which increases the product’s lifespan.

  • Exceptional merits

All of our electric-heated towel rails are specifically designed to maximize the heat transfer area to make the drying process faster and effortless. Moreover, using the laser aluminum welding technology in racks, we are sure to provide the user’s a comfortable experience without any safety concerns. Also, the racks are easy to use with a digital display present on them, making them safer and suitable to use for people of all ages.


Now that you must have a clear understanding of our products, it is time to invite you to become our long-time partners. With the highest quality of these electric-heated towel racks and the best service, we won’t disappoint any of our customers.

Topstrong is gaining ground in the hardware manufacturing market by incorporating the latest technology in its products. Having the production bases in three cities of China, we have more than 1000 stores all across the country. Our products are being trusted worldwide with high-quality features. We have an ample array of products ranging from smart locks to electric-heated towel racks. Undoubtedly, we are the finest manufacturer for the companies that are looking to facilitate their customers and aim to create brand awareness among the people. Come and take some time to hear how we may help you.