Assemble Workshop Online Checking

Moulding Adjustment

Semi-finshed Products Inspection

Industrial 4.0 Quality Management

Highly automated production line, equipped with various auto-examination/surveillance equipment, real-time monitoring of all critical parameters, simultaneous execution of SPC/CPK analysis and alarm.

Fully integrated MES/ERP system on all production process to provide fast and accurate data and traceable information support for quality management.

Flexible deployment of 8D, QC7, 5Why, 5W2H, causal maps, Plato quality tools in anomaly analysis and improvement.

R&D Competence

Take a look at how Topstrong’s research team pushes the frontier of smart home appliance technology.


Topstrong cherishes a proud tradition of lean manufacturing, see how we continue to create value for our clients.


We provide comprehensive smart home appliance and premium hardware for the world.

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