Integrated Digital Information Assembly Workshop

Integrated Digital Information Assembly Workshop

Automatically Package Loading Process

Robot Auto Pick Alluminum Diecasting Unit

Intelligent Manufacturing

Topstrong keep focus on providing lower cost and high quality products to customer. Beside the production innovation and quality control, we also put major effort to run semi-automation and integrated digital production for many years. In 2023, another brand-new full auto production factory would be launched.

Integrated digital information production is monitoring, sampling, analysis and processing of various production data through the Internet of things system, real-time statistics, evaluation.And the company realizes management by using the big data platform. Therefore, the company can quickly provide customers with different types of smart home products and premium hardware.

Advanced warehouse robot, automatic navigation car and other intelligent equipment, to achieve the production process of material transport, product flow, warehouse management automation and intelligence.

Data Production:One Core One Code Traceability System

Unmanned Workshop Improves Overall Production Efficiency


We provide comprehensive smart home appliance and premium hardware for the world.

R&D Competence

Take a look at how Topstrong’s research team pushes the frontier of smart home appliance technology.

Quality Management

See how Topstrong’s quality management professionals ensures we stay on top of the industry.