On December 15th, the “29th National Lock Industry Information Exchange Conference” and the 3rd “Golden Hook Award” China Lock and Craft Equipment Design Competition Award Ceremony hosted by China Hardware Products Association was grandly held in Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Kaisa Held.

At the meeting, the “Oscar” level award “Golden Hook Award”, known as the “Oscar” in the lock industry, was also awarded simultaneously. As the leading brand in the hardware industry, Topstrong has won quite a lot. The products awarded this time include: “Golden Hook Supreme Award” ND100 /NL100 indoor fingerprint lock, “Golden Gou Star Award” arbor series, “Golden Gou Award” TX smart lock, W2 smart lock, Huiyan series room door lock.

(The second from the right is the representative of the brand)

(The fifth from the right is the representative of the brand)

(The third from the left is the brand representative)

The honor is hard-won, and the future will witness the glory. Topstrong security door locks, which are full of honors, will continue to uphold the corporate purpose of “relief for you” in the future, and continue to improve R&D and innovation capabilities, so that more families can enjoy high-quality household products, and contribute to the development of the industry.